MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine Checks In From Vic's Garage

October 17, 2008, 10 years ago

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MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine has issued the following message:

"Droogies and Rattleheads!

I am writing this from the studio - Vic's Garage - and am listening to Chris jam in the other room. Man that is one wicked f*cker on geetah! I think that there are going to be a bunch of babies that will finally get to stop peeing their pants about the shred-factor being gone since Marty Friedman went off to the land of the rising sun.

It is also good to have Andy in here. He is keeping it real; real metal I should say!! Pretty kewl for a vegetarian.

Yeah, how about some Tofurkey for Thanksgiving? Howz about you tazer my eye lids first!!!

So, we were in Pei Wei today marveling at how many people that eat at this place are obese. There was one blimpish customer wedged - yep, f*cking wedged in-between the table and the booth - and I watched her squander several handfulls of the free fortune-cookies into her purse and I was shocked at this.

Fortunately, the fortune cookies survived, and her purse wasn't large enough to cart off the soda fountain. I was getting ready to call George Foreman and see if he could loan her one of his grills. :-)

Back in studio land, things are still progressing nicely. I have to tell you about a gentleman named Kent Gray who has rescued the studio from semi-pros and amatuers and taken this project under his wing. Now if KLSSFR can keep from leaking videos from the studio that are meant just for our fan club members, you will be able to see where VIc's Garage is currently functioning from.

On a good note - all of your prayers worked and the fires are out for not only me, but for all of the great people (and yes, even the assh*les again), and I thank you.

On a sad note, the iMac that I just bought my family (after begging them to just get a new PC) burst into flames, due to a power surge, and I called someone at Mac named John Wheeler (well, James did really), and he has agreed to help us get sorted here. I was relieved because my friend wasn't really a friend, and James came through for us.

We also had to buy two more Mac Pros and John Wheller helped us there too. So a big thank you to John for the computers and I am stoked at the products and the price.

I still use a PC.

And now, I am going to go home and try to catch up on my sleep from the last tour, and start banking it for the next one.

NOTE: to all of our partners worldwide!

Just an FYI we have moved from Haber Corporation as business managers to:

David Weise and Associates

16000 Ventura Blvd. Ste 600

Encino, Cal.


(818) 385-1933

Off to read some interesting sh*t for the next record, as well as get ready for tomorrow here in the studio again.

Lastly, I AM going to be appearing at the Guitarfest as a guest of Marshall Amplifiers, my amplifier endorsers and we are going to be making a huge announcement soon from Marshall and there will be a lot of very happy Droogs, prolly more happy Rattleheads, and even more happy guitar and bassists.

And as you know, I proudly endorse DEAN guitars and will be playing my DEAN VNMT at the Guitarfest possibly for impromptu performance with some of Marshall's other guests, which we will confirm shortly if logistics work out, and at the least a informal question and answer session, much like the incredibly successful Guitar Center Sessions that Marshall and DEAN worked with Guitar Center to make happen a few months ago.

I have to say that if I can play with Tommy Aldridge that would be bad ass! I heard Nicko and Bruce were gonna do it and I said that I would gladly play with those two, and then found out that they can't make it. I was not interested at that point until I heard about Tommy. Maybe we can just play guitar and drums - that seems to be pretty popular lately.

Until next post...

You've been great... you know the rest!"

As previously reported, The Priest Feast tour, featuring JUDAS PRIEST, Megadeth and TESTAMENT, has added six more shows to the February/March European leg - to take place between February 24th and March 8th.

Confirmed Priest Feast 2009 tour dates now include:


10 - Dublin, Ireland - O2
11 - Belfast, Ireland - Odyssey Arena
13 - Sheffield, UK - Sheffield Arena
14 - Birmingham, UK - NEC
16 - Glasgow, Scotland - SECC Hall 4
17 - Manchester, UK - Manchester Arena
18 - Nottingham, UK - Nottingham Arena
20 - Cardiff, UK - Cardiff Arena
21 - London, UK - Wembley Arena
24 - Dortmund, Germany - Westfalenhalle
25 - Bamberg, Germany - Jako-Arena
26 -Berlin, Germany- Max-Schmeling-Halle
28 - Stockholm, Sweden - Globen Arena


1 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Scandinavium Arena
3 - Horsens, Denmark - Forum Horsens
4 - Malmo, Sweden - Arena Malmo
6 - Hamburg, Germany - Sporthalle
7 - Offenbach, Germany - Stadhalle
8 - Stuttgart, Germany - Porsche Arena
10 - Milan, Italy - Palasharp

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