MEJIBRAY Post New Single Featuring Ex-BLOOD STAIN CHILD Vocalist Sophia Online

January 20, 2013, 2 years ago

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Former BLOOD STAIN CHILD vocalist Sophia recently announced that she is a guest vocalist on the new single from Japan's MEJIBRAY, entitled 'Die Kusse', which hits stores on February 6th. The full song is available for streaming below: Sophia commented on working with the band on the track: "I just love working with effective people and MiA is one of them for sure. Fast with communications, very polite, and inspired when writing new songs. It's always a pleasure working together. This time, I recorded in Greece, so we couldn't have fun in the studio like last time, but it was a fruitful experience nevertheless. Everything worked like a clock and we both liked the result. I do hope you all enjoy the song as much as we did!" For information on Mejibray go to this location.
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