MELIAH RAGE - Warrior Tracklisting Revealed

March 2, 2014, 3 years ago

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Long-running Boston-area metallers MELIAH RAGE have revealed the tracklisting to their upcoming album, Warrior, the first to feature Marc Lopes. Lopes has been involved with various projects including DARK DAY SUNDAY and work with SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner and FATES WARNING guitarist Frank Aresti. Lopes hails from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Warrior - due out later this year via Metal On Metal Records - will feature the following tracks:


'I Am The Pain'

'Stranger To Your Sympathy'

'In Hate'

'When We Wake'

'A Dying Day'

'These Scars'

'Garden Of Evil'

A sample of Meliah Rage 2013 with Marc Lopes on vocals, entitled 'These Scars', can be heard below. The song is released on Metal On Metal Records' annual compilation CD, Compendium of Metal Vol. 6, which contains mostly previously unreleased and rare tracks. Marc recorded his vocals for 'These Scars' during his second meeting with the band, and after having heard the song (recorded during the 2011 sessions) for the first time only the previous night, so it was quite spontaneous, especially considering that he also had to write the lyrics within this short time. Check it out below (6:15 mark):

The band’s original singer, Mike Munro, has become very dedicated to his church and has given generously of his time to volunteering in Haiti - Munro felt these and other missions of goodwill would not allow him the flexibility of schedule to record or tour with Meliah Rage. The band had already parted ways with second vocalist Paul Souza and was searching for a replacement.

“We knew a lot of the same people and decided to have Marc come in and work with producer Rich Spillberg,” commented Meliah Rage founder Anthony Nichols. “We are all very excited to work with Marc - he is a talented vocalist and highly motivated to write, tour and record with Meliah Rage,” said Nichols.

Meliah Rage was founded in 1987 and 2013 represents the 25th anniversary of the band’s debut release, Kill To Survive.

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