MESMERIZE - New Album Cover Art, Street Date Revealed

February 10, 2013, 4 years ago

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Italy's MESMERIZE has revealed the complete cover to their fifth album, Paintropy, due out April 29th via Punishment 18 Records, marking the 25th anniversary of the band. The artwork was created by the finnish artist Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design (MANOWAR, STRATOVARIUS, KORPIKLAANI).

"We're really satisfied with the result," says bass player Andrea Tito. "It really captures the feeling of the album itself: the combination of Pain and Entropy, translating negative events or emotions into a chaotic and painful state of mind. Furthermore, we really have to thank Jan for his help: besides being very professional all the way, he's been very patient with us, and our requests of changes and fine-tuning (yes, we can be a real pain in the ass sometimes!)"

Paintropy will include 11 original tracks, plus a cover version of the CRANBERRIES classic Promises, revisited in a power/thrash metal style.

Paintropy tracklisting:

'It Happened Tomorrow'


'A Desperate Way Out'

'Monkey In Sunday Best'

'Midnight Oil / Within Without'

'One Door Away'


'Shadows At The Edge Of Perception'

'Mrs. Judas'

'You Know I Know'


'Promises' (The Cranberries cover)

"Paintropy is a word that combines the concepts of Pain and Entropy" - says guitarist Piero Paravidino, "and it refers to a chaotic and painful state of mind, coming from the aggregation of negative events or emotions. In turn, this state can cause a reaction of total inertia or the exact opposite, unleashing a downright furious transformation. These concepts will be depicted both in the songs and in the graphics of the album."

A studio preview of Paintropy can be viewed below:

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