METAL MIKE CHLASCIAK To Lead Metal Camp - Mayhem In The Mountains

January 24, 2013, a year ago

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HALFORD guitarist METAL MIKE CHLASCIAK will return to lead School Of Rock’s Mayhem In The Mountains heavy metal destination camp to take place August 18th - 24th at Camp Lakota, Catskills, NY.
Developed for young metal heads in the age group of 12-18, the summer camp will provide kids with intense, but fun instruction in heavy metal coupled with activities such as zip lines, skate park, go karts, swimming, waterskiing and nightime fires on the lake. The crescendo of the night will take place on the last day when the students will have a chance to perform with Mike during a live concert staged at the camp’s playground. School Of Rock’s VP of Marketing, Mark Biondi commented on the camp, “School of Rock has always viewed metal as an incredible art form. We believe that it is one of the most challenging genres of Rock and Roll and we have used metal in our curriculum to teach technique and theory for over a decade. We decided to hold a destination camp because the metal community is very strong in our local schools and we wanted to provide a way to connect this community worldwide to share in an amazing learning experience. Metal Mike has been a great ambassador to the metal community. He is an amazing teacher, values education and the preservation of Metal, and is an all around bad-ass guitar player. Through some of the camps and workshops he has done locally at school of rock, he has had a great impact on our students. We are thrilled to work with him.”
Metal Mike added, “I am psyched to again work with the young metalheads. Last year’s camp was an incredible experience for all the kids and teachers. Imagine a week that is set up to purely enjoy the music you love. We will once again have jams, rehearsals, various clinics, private lessons and a live concert. I strongly believe in the power of music, especially heavy metal, and I can see constantly how it brings everyone together. You have kids fly in from all over the country and they make memories and friendships for life. Once again, I think this year will be awesome.” More information can be found on the camp’s official website here.
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