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July 12, 2004, 14 years ago

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Online Metal webzine ( have issued the following news via the site:

For Immediate Release:, one of the world’s largest and longest running Heavy Metal webzines, is pleased to announce the formation of Metal Rules Records. After nine years of providing top-notch metal news, views, reviews and interviews, the management of the popular website will enter the competitive and exciting world of music production, promotion, and management.

After the initial success of merchandise, hats, shirts, as well as some successful distribution deals, the webzine has decided to launch a full-fledged record label. The website tested the waters with last year’s popular various artists CD, Volume I - The CD was such a success that the Canadian-based website is pleased to formally launch its new arm, Metal Rules Records.

Metal Rules owner, ‘EvilG’, had the following to say about the formation of the label: “After nine years of continuous growth, the next logical step to further the promotion of underground up-and-coming bands is to release their music. We tested the waters with our compilation and now it’s time to really dive in!”

Metal Rules Records is just completing negotiations with a young but established European recording act and expect to formally announce the details of their flagship signing in mid July.

For more information contact Metal Rules Records at: E-mail:

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