METALLICA Drummer Lars Ulrich Bottle Design For Carlsberg Beer Campaign Unveiled

April 28, 2014, 11 months ago

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METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich was selected by Danish beer brewery Carlsberg as one of six people to design a bottle as part of the company's Stand Out Collection. Ulrich chose a picture taken by the legendary photographer Ross Halfin for his design, shot in May 2012 at the Stade de France.
Carlsberg brand manager Rasmus Bendtsen comments: "Lars is the epitome of 'fuck Janteloven' mantra (referring to The Law of Jante, a pattern of group behavior towards individuals within Scandinavian communities which negatively portrays and criticizes individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate) and he 100% lives up to the message that is the whole idea behind the Stand Out Collection. Lars even suggested that we change the name of 'Carlsberg' to 'Larsberg'. He is a great partner." A six-minute marketing video featuring Ulrich (shot in Danish) can be viewed below:

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