METALLICA Frontman JAMES HETFIELD - "We’ve Always Hated Any Kind Of Rules, Or Any Attempt To Categorize Or Box Us In Any Way"

November 23, 2017, a year ago

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METALLICA Frontman JAMES HETFIELD - "We’ve Always Hated Any Kind Of Rules, Or Any Attempt To Categorize Or Box Us In Any Way"

Clash Editor-In-Chief, Simon Harper, recently enjoyed a private audience with the four members of Metallica, aiming to navigate the complex web of their hardwired system. In the following excerpt, frontman James Hetfield explains what he thinks it is that sets Metallica apart from the metal scene and has elevated them to the status of being so universally accepted?

"Mmm. That’s a great question," says James. "We’ve always hated any kind of rules, or any attempt to categorize or box us in any way. We don’t like boundaries and limits. And I think right away… heavy metal has the impression that it’s a bit punk, like ‘Fuck the world,’ and ‘We’re us, we’re doing things our way”, and that’s fine, until you don’t fit into their way. You know, cutting your hair or not wearing a leather jacket, or whatever. Doing a ballad: that was one of the things that set us apart right away. I remember almost getting in a fight with a fan in San Francisco. This was about ’89, because ‘Justice…’ had just come out, and we had done a video for the song ‘One’, and the guy said: ‘Fuck you, you sell-out motherfucker. You did a video for MTV, and blah blah blah…’ (Laughs) I felt the need to defend us! It’s like, ‘Why do I need to justify our art to you?’ So, that to us, it disappointed us. It disappointed us that fans would get angry at you for being an artist, or doing what you feel you want to do to explain yourself to the world, or to connect with the world."

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