METALLICA In Melbourne Available For Download; Tuning Room Video Footage Of 'Leper Messiah', 'Damage, Inc.'

March 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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As part of this year's Soundwave Festival, metal kingpins METALLICA performed in Melbourne, Australia on March 1st.

As a warm-up, check out 20 minutes of video footage featuring 'Leper Messiah' and 'Damage, Inc.' in the Tuning Room and 'My Friend Of Misery' live (first and only time this was or has been in played in Australia - or outside of the Black album shows for that matter!) at

Metallica's main set:

'Hit the Lights'

'Master of Puppets'

'The Four Horsemen'

'Harvester of Sorrow'

'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)'

'Leper Messiah'

'My Friend of Misery'

'Sad But True'

'Fade to Black'

'All Nightmare Long'


'For Whom the Bell Tolls'


'Nothing Else Matters'

'Enter Sandman'


'Creeping Death'

'Damage, Inc.'

'Seek & Destroy'

Check out more photos at this location.

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