METALLICA Pay Tribute To MOTÖRHEAD At Lemmy's 50th - Rare 1995 Video Footage Posted

March 22, 2013, 4 years ago

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On December 14th, 1995, METALLICA payed tribute to MOTÖRHEAD at the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. Metallica called themselves THE LEMMYS for the performance and played seven Motörhead covers for Lemmy’s 50th birthday party.

Lemmy Kilmister told “They all dressed up as me, and I thought that was great. They all had long black wigs on and penciled-in mustaches, and a tattoo drawn on one arm, with a black marker. Besides, they got their tattoos on the wrong arm, too, every one of them.”

Lars Ulrich told Metallica fanzine So What!: “After some initial hesitation, I also don the wig and shades (try playing Motörhead songs when you have a 3-foot black wig on and can’t see shit!!), and as we walk towards the Whisky stage (for the first time since supporting Saxon in 1982!!) the fuckin' look on people’s faces.. classic. I start ‘Overkill,’ immediatley swallow half the wig, but... who gives a fuck and off we go!”

Whisky A Go Go has uploaded in-house video footage of the performance. Check it out below:

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