METALLICA - Robert Trujillo Assists Pastorius Family In Recovering The Infamous Bass Of Doom

May 28, 2010, 10 years ago

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METALLICA have issued the following update:

Jaco Pastorius has long been regarded as one of, if not the, most influential bass guitarist of all time and as some of you may know, is Robert's (Trujillo; bass) personal hero. So upon overhearing a phone conversation that Jaco's legendary Bass Of Doom had resurfaced after being missing for over twenty years, but was tied up in an ugly legal battle, Robert instinctively offered to assist the Pastorius family in its recovery. The happy ending is that the bass is with Robert and the Pastorius family...a true piece of musical history.

Like so many other musical greats, Jaco Pastorius died young, only 35, but his legacy has lasted the test of time. With his pioneering techniques, charismatic and outrageous stage performances and his unmistakable singular style, Jaco left behind a musical legacy that has continued to inspire and influence ongoing generations worldwide. Through his critically acclaimed self titled solo debut album, his work with break-through fusion/jazz group Weather Report, whose "Heavy Weather" album is one of the best selling jazz albums of all time, and his collaborations with singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell, Jaco's reputation and influence grew to permeate many musical styles and genres.

The legendary Bass Of Doom, nicknamed by Jaco himself, is a 1962 Fender jazz bass that Jaco removed the frets from and refinished the neck with boat epoxy. This customized bass was the only fretless instrument Jaco ever recorded with throughout his career right up until it was stolen from a Manhattan park bench in 1986. Despite repeated attempts from friends and family to locate it, the whereabouts of the famous bass remained unknown until it showed up in early 2006 in a small guitar shop on New York's West Side. Unfortunately the owner of the shop refused to return it to the Pastorius family resulting in protracted legal squabbles. Almost two years passed before Robert was able to jump in and help make it possible for the family to settle out the case and regain control of their father's prized bass. When asked about his getting involved, Robert commented, "I felt a strong sense that it was the right thing to do for Jaco, and the family, whatever it took."

For more info about Jaco Pastorius and the Bass Of Doom, check his official site at

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