METALLICA's James Hetfield Slams Axl Rose's Rider

September 22, 2010, 7 years ago

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METALLICA frontman James Hetfield famously slammed Axl Rose's rider when they toured together in the early '90's in a video that became a YouTube hit.

Hetfield picks up where he left off with Axl's 2010 rider and tells TRiple M Sydney's rockin' Byron Cooke what he really thinks of Guns N' Roses. See how the vids compare!

Hetfield's amusing stab at Axl's 1992 rider took place on the Metallica/Guns 'n' Roses dual headlining tour of America, which marked a year into both band's biggest tours to date, GNR's Use Your Illusion Tour and Metallica's Wherever They May Roam Tour, in support of their global breakthrough Black Album.

Axl's requirements haven't changed much over two decades. The same booze, the same cheese ... however, Axl now needs a bed in his dressing room "What does he do, sleep at the gig?" Hetfield laughs.

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