Michael Sweet - "The New Music Of STYPER Is Meant To Smack The Listener Upside The Face To Get Their Attention..."

October 25, 2013, 3 years ago

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STRYPER vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet checks in with the following message:

"I'm back home from NYC and as you all know (and have heard for the past few months on a daily basis), we are releasing a record that could potentially wind up being one of our biggest and best since 1991, No More Hell To Pay! We have always had THE BEST fans/friends on the planet and you have always been there to support Stryper and quite frankly we feel as though you are ALL members of this band. We do this together and we're proud to be able to say that. We're only 12 days out from release day on November 5th. This is a monumental time in the history of this band/ministry and I believe that together, we can change not only music history but more important (much more important) we can change lives!

The new music of Stryper is meant to smack the listener upside the face to get their attention and once we have it, the message is meant to penetrate the heart. It's a message of hope, love and salvation and one that only God can offer and we've been trying to spread this message for 30 years. Help us make history by taking this release further, bigger and better than before.

Order copies for your friends, co-workers, neighbors, family and even strangers. The music industry has changed and the days of "moving" or selling records are a thing of the past. Let's change that. There are enough of us worldwide to take No More Hell To Pay to gold or even platinum status and it's not about being able to say 'look how many records we sold', it's about being able to say 'look how many lives were touched and changed through it all!'

This is the time and we need your help to accomplish it. If you've pre-ordered already, pre-order again. If you're waiting for release day to buy the album, buy two copies or three copies or more if you can! We're EXTREMELY excited about this record and we're so proud to call you not only fans, but so much more important - friends, brothers and sisters and defenders of The Faith.

We love you, more than you know and I leave you with this - LETS DO THIS!!!!"

Stryper recently released their video for 'No More Hell To Pay', the title track from their new album. It's the band's first official video clip since 1991.

The band has issued the following background information on the video:

"Unfortunately, it was over 100 degrees in the desert that day and the guys shot another video prior to this one and could not break down the kit and set it back up before sun went down. As much as the band would have liked to have had Robert hitting the drums for this video, it was physically impossible and the director needed to make that call."

Stryper will release their new studio album, No More Hell To Pay, via Frontiers Records on November 1st in Europe, and November 5th in North America in two formats - standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content.

No More Hell To Pay tracklisting:


'No More Hell To Pay'

'Saved By Love'

'Jesus Is Alright'

'The One'


'Marching Into Battle'

'Te Amo'

'Sticks & Stones'

'Water Into Wine'



Audio samples for all tracks are streaming at this location.

'Revelation' lyric video:

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