MICHALE GRAVES Releases New Album Update

November 24, 2012, 4 years ago

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MICHALE GRAVES, former lead singer of the MISFITS and current lead singer of his self-named band, Michale Graves, is currently recording a new album, entitled Vagabond, at Soundmine Recording Studio. He has now released an update on the recording:

“Okay everyone, here is the announcement we have been talking about… We have had such an incredible response to the KickStarter project and we appreciate all of that support. We have also had a considerable number of requests for the Vagabond CD after the project ended; Problem is we guaranteed an exclusive album for those of you who supported Vagabond. That album includes 11 new songs plus two acoustic ‘classics’. But since so many people have asked I have decided to create ‘Vagabond V2’. V2 will only be available on our websites (Hydraulic-Entertainment.com or MichaleGraves.net) and during the Vagabond tour next spring. V2 will include the new 11 songs from Vagabond plus a bonus song that I just finished called ‘Train To The End Of The World’. It is pure Vagabond and will compliment V2. No worries for those of you who purchased the KickStarter Vagabond, I will make sure I include a digital download of the new song when we send you the key to the digital download of the KickStarter Vagabond CD in March.

So if you missed out on the KickStarter CD here is your chance to get a copy of the new CD. A single copy of the V2 CD is $25 and a signed number copy of V2 is $50 (shipping in the US included).

And the 100th person to order V2 will receive this (below) 1 Of 1 signed copy of the studio book for the Vagabond sessions – signed by all four band members. We are only doing one of these and I will post the name of the 100th person (and any member of their family that they want) here on Facebook. I can’t be more happy about this album - it is going to be epic.”

Vagabond, being produced by Hydraulic Entertainment, has a release date set for March 21st, 2013. It will feature 11 new and never before released songs that display Michale’s unique folk/pop sensibility. Graves has also released the dates for his upcoming spring 2013 Vagabond tour and its 59 locations throughout the US.

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