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July 8, 2009, 10 years ago

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Spiritech from Australia's spoke with MONSTER MAGNET mainman Dave Wyndorf recently about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow: I understand you also have another musical project in the works - can you shed some light on this perhaps?

Dave Wyndorf: I'm writing stuff now, in between tours. I'd like to get a new Monster Magnet album out in 2010. I also seem to be writing lots of little, weird songs lately as well and I'm thinking of releasing them as a separate project rather than calling it a Monster Magnet album. Also, Monster Magnet is planning a, well for lack of a better word, unplugged tour featuring songs from the Monster Magnet catalogue that have never before played live. Very psychedelic and very bluesy. Cool instrumentation too -sitar, mellotron, percussion, slide guitars, it sounds fuckin' awesome!" On another topic, your personal issues have been discussed a great deal in the media in recent years. How close did you come to ending Monster Magnet after recovering or was the band a vital part of your recovery?

Dave Wyndorf: "Yeesh... It's a long, detailed story, but okay, let's try this. After years of non-stop touring I became addicted to a powerful sedative. Thanks, doc! Well, the pills caught up with me and I had a massive, near-death meltdown. I was physically and emotionally blown out. I swore up and down that I would NEVER want to play again. One day I went up to my room to read a book. Two years and hundreds of books later I got up, walked downstairs and called the band. 'Uh, I kinda changed my mind', I said. I guess I got bored with reading." Did you object to your issues being aired in such a public manner and are you glad that the focus seems to be back on your music again?

Dave Wyndorf: "No objections, the Internet was made for gossip. Of course, music is what's most important."

Read the entire interview here.

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