MÖRK GRYNING – Four Albums To Be Reissued On Vinyl, CD

October 14, 2020, 13 days ago

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MÖRK GRYNING – Four Albums To Be Reissued On Vinyl, CD

Legendary Swedish black metal formation Mörk Gryning will be reissuing four of their previous full-length albums in vinyl and digipak formats, including their seminal debut record. The following records will be available:

Tusen år har gått… (1995) - Out on November 27:

Return Fire (1997) – Out on November 27:

Maelstrom Chaos (2001) – Out on December 11:

Pieces Of Primal Expressionism (2003) – Out on December 11:

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Moreover, Mörk Gryning will be releasing, Hinsides Vrede, their first new full-length since 2005. The album is due on October 23 via Season of Mist, making it their debut to the label.

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"The Depths Of Chinnereth"
"Existence In A Dream"
"A Glimpse Of The Sky"
"The Night"
"Sleeping In The Embers"
"For Those Departed"
"Without Crown"
"Black Spirit"
"On The Elysian Fields"

"A Glimpse Of The Sky":

"Fältherren" video:


Draakh Kimera - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Goth Gorgon - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Avathar - Lead Guitar

Recording lineup:

Draakh Kimera: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Keyboards
Goth Gorgon: Bass, Lead Guitar, Backing vocals, Lead vocals on “Black Spirit”, Keyboards
Avathar: Lead Guitar     
C-G: Drums on “Fältherren” & “Black Spirit”
Aeon: Backing Vocals, Piano on “For Those Departed” & “On The Elysian Fields”

Guest musicians:

Laura Ute: Vocals on “Black Spirit”

Live members:

C-G - Drums
Aeon - Keyboards

(Photo - Peter Wendin)

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