MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE Release New Album Teaser

February 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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Argentina-based symphonic extreme metallers MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE have released the teaser for the European release of The Aethyrs' Call, where you can hear audio from several tracks on the album. Check out the clip below:

The Aethyrs' Call will be released on March 1st and features the following tracks:

'The Summoner'S Procession'

'Advent Of A Sinister Omen'

'Crepuscular Necromantic Visions'

'Perpetual Covenant'

'At The Gates Of The Marduk's Shrine'

'Brotherhood Of The Serpent'

'Orion's Progeny'


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MYRKUR - "Måneblôt” (Relapse)

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