Moshpit Tragedy Records To Be Featured In Behind The Suit And Tie Record Industry Documentary

September 27, 2007, 12 years ago

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Moshpit Tragedy Records has been confirmed to take part in the brand new independent documentary film Behind The Suit And Tie, the story of the dying world of CD sales. Among the record labels featured will also be Earache, Demolition, The End and Crash Music Inc.

Produced by Main Line Studios, this independent documentary film will used as a tool in hopes of changing the way new and proven artists look at a record deal in the future.

In an email Moshpit Tragedy co-founder Rayny Forster comments: "We are very excited to take part in this unique cornerstone in record industry history. While we realize we are but a fingernail in size compared to some of the other labels featured, we feel we have a unique and worthwhile perspective as a new label who both sells physical product in stores for our larger acts as well as promoting a free downloadable series for our acts who are generally more unknown at this point."

On the label's slogan, Burning Down The Record Industry: "There's a lot of turmoil right now between the record industry and bands and their fans. Even though the labels seem to be taking most of the heat and some of them have been pretty deserving, it's still the stores and distributors that have been making the most money. When it all falls apart we look forward to being a positive part of hopefully a much more honest rebirth."

Moshpit Tragedy recently announced it will permanently give away free high-quality downloads from sludge metal act DEVIL'S SON-IN-LAW, crust punks THE SKUDS, anarcho punk band POWER IS POISON, and crust metal act HANGOVER OVERDOSE. These albums come complete with printable sleeve artwork in a handy zip file. Samples can also be streamed on a new flash record player featured on the label's web site. (

According to a press release announcing the documentary, "Independent record companies are taking a huge hit on CD sales due to the digital world of downloading. For example, digital distributors like iTunes make 30%, the distributor makes 20% and that leaves the label and artist 49 cents to split. The truth and goal of this film is to expose the dying world of CD sales. As most new artists today feel that a record label should pay their bills and advance them huge money it's just not possible in this day and age."

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