MÖTLEY CRÜE Schedule Jimmy Kimmel Live! Performance

January 17, 2014, 3 years ago

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On Tuesday, January 28th, MÖTLEY CRÜE are expected to announce details of their retirement tour, R.I.P. All Bad Things Must Come To An End, at a press conference in Los Angeles. That same night, Mötley Crüe are scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing songs on the outdoor stage.

Vegas Rocks! Magazine's Sally Steele caught up with vocalist Vince Neil during the November 5th VIP party for his Tatuado Eat-Drink-Party!, and one topic of discussion was Mötley Crüe's intended farewell tour within the next couple years.

Neil: "It was just because we all felt - at least me and Nikki (Sixx, bassist) and Mick (Mars, guitarist) - that it was just we didn't wanna go out on the bottom. We didn't wanna be one of those bands that start fading away. We've been on top for 32 years, and it's great. And it's just like, you know what? By the time we finish this tour, it'll be in 35 years of Mötley Crüe. So… that's really kind of it."

Check out the complete interview:

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