MOTÖRHEAD’s 20 Most Earthquaking Aftershocks: #6

October 23, 2013, 3 years ago

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By Martin Popoff and "Metal" Tim Henderson

In celebration of MOTÖRHEAD’s cannonating new slab Aftershock, BraveWords has decided to serve up a primer and reminder as to the 20 most shocking events in the life of Lem and Co! Conflate them, debate them... we’re presenting them in countdown form, until the day of quake, namely the record’s release date, October 22nd. So read on and soak in all the gruesome glory and historical heavy metal!

#6 - Hard to frame it now after nearly 35 years, but the totality of the heaviness of the album known notoriously as Overkill (album #2) intensely upset the applecart back in March of 1979. Not only is the album a key powder keg record of the NWOBHM, but it is arguably the heaviest album of the entire 1970s. Overkill was a moderate hit in the band's homeland, hitting #24 on the album charts.

Motörhead’s 20 Most Earthquaking Aftershocks

#20 - Motörhead's "dirty, biker-mad, speed-freaked" debut album.

#19 - No Sleep 'til you own this album!

#18 - HAWKWIND Gives Lemmy the boot and Motörhead is born.

#17 - 'Metal On Metal' meets Motörhead?

#16 - Die you bastards!

#15 - Lessons in labels.

#14 - Lemmy goes rockabilly!

#13 - Don't' live next door to Motörhead!

#12 - Robbo's fashion sense.

#11 - Lemmy leaves England!

#10 - Würzel's wrath!

#9 - Motörhead goes commercial!

#8 - It is a Perfect Day!

#7 - Just call me 'Snaggletooth'!

#6 - Heaviest album of the '70s is?

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