MY DYING BRIDE Guitarist On New EP - "These Songs Were Apparent That They Stood Outside The Realm Of The Last Album, And Deserved Their Own Release"

May 12, 2013, 4 years ago

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Greece-based Rock Overdose recently caught up with MY DYING BRIDE guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross. An excerpt from the interview is available below: How does the new Manuscript EP sound? Is it another classic My Dying Bride album or are there any experimentations this time?

Hamish: "It was written and recorded alongside the last album, so there is an obvious bloodline connecting the EP and the album, but these songs were apparent that they stood outside the realm of the album, and do deserved their own release. There is indeed a range of sounds on the EP; different guitar sounds, even the use of a bit of classical and 12 string guitar, which is indeed something a bit different." In five years, you have released six albums, including three EPs, two full lengths and one compilation. Are you planning to continue releasing albums so often, in the future?

Hamish: "As long as the inspiration is there, and we have genuinely something to offer, then yes. It has been an incredibly furtive and productive time for the band. Writing for the next album has begun already, even though we don't have any recording or release plans as yet; we still need to release the new EP this month!"

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My Dying Bride's new EP is entitled The Manuscript and due out via Peaceville on May 13th on CD and LP. The Manuscript contains four new and exclusive songs; a dark voyage spanning over 27 minutes of supreme doom in the unmistakable My Dying Bride style of heaviness mixed with dark tales of foreboding. It was recorded and mixed at Futureworks Studios in Manchester, UK with the band’s long-time producer, Mags.


'The Manuscript'

'Var Gud Over Er'

'A Pale Shroud Of Longing'

'Only Tears To Replace Her With'

As the band comments: "The Manuscript features four monstrous tracks of brilliantly crafted metal that only My Dying Bride can do, with swathes of doom laden melancholy, harmonic beauty and thundering death metal all combined in their trademark sound. Four tales of tragedy, loss and bitter vengeance greet the listener with an added assault on the emotions too, leaving the soul grey and limp. There is beauty here, but it's carrying a dark blade."

Audio samples from the EP are streaming below:

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