NAZXUL To Embark On Global Ritual Performance Tour In 2009 And 2010

May 28, 2009, 9 years ago

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As previously reported, Moribund Records has inked a deal with legendary Australian black metal band NAZXUL. The label will be releasing the band's highly anticipated comeback album, Iconoclast, later this summer. A new press release on the album reads as follows:

Black metal experimentalist-extremists Nazxul have unearthed after many years of self-imposed exile. They appear as our final moments remove.

“Fools rush to the feet of statues to pray- they have much to lose. We bring new messages and crush all icons with our voice and deeds- we have much to gain.”

Nazxul’s rise and raison d’etre has borne a singular vision for the brutal reality of this life. The underground will never rise, but it will swallow up the true villains that lurk above. They tumble to the ground and scurry away. We are kings of the slum, and lords of hell.

Iconoclast CD Album (Moribund Records/Eisenwald), a torrent of angular and unfamiliar visions that stirs the dark soul to emancipation and inspiration; and provides torment to the pitiful remainder.

10 years in formulation, the majestic array has returned, stronger. Bleak and furious! The first notes of dissonant subversion will be stunning agony. Fleeting glory turns to certain and imminent demise. Broken dreams and avant atmospherics fill your empty shell with vigour. For only a second, for a lifetime.

The first utterance by the Antipodean Cultists this century will not go wasted. This is the elixir for your sickness. The eternal abyss in your mind will fill with this poisonous truth. The dose will be quick, bitter, irrevocable and everlasting. The last rites have been given.

The terrifying barking of madness fills your ears with wonder; too much for you to take. Infernal noise that is such sweet pain that you ask for more. When you do, we give you that which you do not want to hear- that which you are dying to know. That is more than enough for you. Nazxul’s time has come.

Iconoclast is only just the beginning.

The Nazxul embark on a Global Ritual Performance Tour in 2009 and 2010, featuring movements from Iconoclast, Black Seed and Totem.

These events will provoke the full fury and grandeur of your mortal demise in all of its beauty and brutality. It is the greatest devastation to receive.

The ritual of Nazxul is the missing link. Iconoclast will forge the oppressive chain that enslaves you to the Hekal XUL. You are dead. Long live Nazxul!

"All life is drained to fuel the fire of our deeds."

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