NECRONOMICON Release 'Rise Of The Elder Ones' Video

February 13, 2014, 3 years ago

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Montreal-based extreme metallers NECRONOMICON have released the new video, for the title track of their new album, Rise Of The Elder Ones, exclusively at BraveWords below:

Guitarist/vocalist Rob “The Witch” Tremblay spoke to BraveWords recently about Necronomicon’s lyrics which deal with occultism, magik and mythology. Although you might associate a band of this stature as being Satanic, Tremblay squelches that assumption.

“Dark, maybe. Satanic? Not at all. First, to be a Satanist (textually speaking) you need to believe in Satan. So from that point, if you do ... you are a Christian, because Satan is one of their creations to scare people and control them with fear. If you need religion and if it’s good for you, fine, do what you feel. But don’t bug me or others with that. I don’t bug you with my stuff, and I never will anyway. The problem I have is when some people force their beliefs and try to indoctrinate others. Now that is evil, real evil. Im not forcing anyone to believe what I’m saying or pretending to know better than anyone. Anyone can interpret my lyrics the way they think it fits them based on their own life experiences and own spiritual evolution. I’m not here to spread hatred, on the contrary. But I am anti-Christian, if that’s what you want to know?”

Read more at BraveWords.

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