NERVECELL - "When We Started In 2001, The Scene In Dubai Was Bad; People Didn’t Know Too Much About Metal"

February 19, 2013, 2 years ago

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Dubai-based NERVECELL guitarist Rami Mustafa is featured in a new interview with WhatsTheScene India. An excerpt is available below:
WTS: So now that there is easier access to underground metal, is there more reception to Nervecell’s music? RM: "Of course! When we started in 2001, the scene in Dubai was bad. But 2001 to 2005 it was really good. There were a lot of bands and a lot of underground gigs but people didn’t know too much about metal. They used to come to our shows and learn and realize - this is metal, this is death metal, this is thrash metal. We used to talk with everyone. We used to go out after our show to our friends and fans and have a chat and talk about bands and sometimes trade albums. It was a learning process. So yeah, for the past 3-4 years, I think the internet and YouTube and technology have helped the younger generation to learn about metal really faster than before, in a shorter span of time. Nowadays I find that musicians that can play a guitar lesson on YouTube (laughs). It’s not a bad thing at all you know!" WTS: The Middle East is seen generally as a very conservative society, has there been any sort of opposition to your music and your lyrical themes? RM: "No, not at all! A lot of people get confused by countries like Dubai and Qatar, these countries are really modern, very globalized so it’s not a problem. What we sing about is really about humanitarian issues and personal issues, nothing extreme lyrically. So we’ve never had these problems. As kids, growing up in the society we learned that we have to respect traditions and morals no matter what. For me, it was purely about the music and then the lyrics. We were fine you know. Other countries have issues with metal at gigs and concerts. We’d have had some problems playing there but we’ve never been to these countries. We try to avoid trouble and we were very careful so there has been no problem." WTS: So did growing up in the Middle East influence your music in any way? RM: "Yeah, of course! The thing is James, he writes the lyrics, its a self-expressive kind of music and doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. A lot of it is about reality, it could be about what’s happening around us and it could be about things between close friends or could be about what’s happening in the world in general. We don’t really have topics that pinpoint and they are mostly general. What’s happening in the world does affect us but we don’t really take it to the level where it’s concentrated to the lyrics. We always concentrate on the music first." Go to this location for the complete interview. Nervecell have been confirmed for Burning Sea 2013, being held in Zadar, Croatia from June 5th - 8th, 2013. It will be the band's first time playing Croatia. Acts confirmed for Burning Sea 2013 include: 4ARM, AMORPHIS, ANGEL WITCH, AS SILENCE BREAKS, BARBARION, BENIGHTED, BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE, CAMBION, CANDLEMASS, CRIPPER, DEBAUCHERY, DECAPITATED, DESTRUCTION, DEVASTATING ENEMY, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, ENSLAVED, FLAYED DISCIPLE, FOREVER STORM, GRAVE, HERFST, ICED EARTH, IN SOLITUDE, INNER SANCTUM, JADED HEART, KADAVER, KING DIAMOND, META-STASIS, MASTIC SCUM, MOONCRY, MOONSORROW, MYSTERY BLUE, NERVECELL, NIGHTMARE, OVERKILL, RE-ARMED, SAREA, SHINING, SOEN, STEEL ENGRAVED, THULCANDRA, THUNDERBOLT, TSJUDER, TURISAS, VANDERBUYST. Further details can be found here.

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