New MELIAH RAGE Singer Talks Discusses Warrior

May 26, 2013, a year ago

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New MELIAH RAGE vocalist Marc Lopes has immersed himself in the recording process for the band’s new record, entitled Warrior (due to be released this summer). After working on Warrior, Lopes reflected on his experience recording with this established metal act. “Joining the band kind of came out of nowhere for me actually— Tony (Nichols) sent me an email after seeing me perform on YouTube, and we started sending demo's back and forth of cataloged tunes and new riffs. Having been a fan of Meliah Rage since the early days, this was an awesome opportunity for me. It wasn't until I got a phone call about writing/ recording vocal parts for a leftover track to be used on a compilation CD that everything went fast-forward. I had a short window of time to get the song together with producer/engineer Rich Spillberg, but we got some killer sounds and worked feverishly to make it happen. I felt like this was the final step in the audition process for me and I am pleased with how the track turned out. Once the label and band approved final mix I was officially asked to join the band and I gladly accepted.”
“From there it was head first into getting the new record learned, arranged and ready to record. Again, it was mayhem—diving right into the creative process but the pressure and time constraints forced some really good results in my opinion. For many weeks before we began tracking I listened very intently to early Meliah Rage material trying to fully grasp the style and evolution of the band from a musician’s point of view rather than from the perspective of a fan. I wanted to keep the essence of the band’s style and meld it together with my own ideas. I have so much respect for the old material and vocalist Mike Monroe—I wanted to keep that feel intact the best I could but also bring my own personality.” “I entered the studio in mid May with vocal producer Dan Dykes. I brought all my demos, lyric sheets etc. and we just started recording... We all put in long hours hashing out ideas and performing them until we were both happy. Dan has a very keen perspective of what the Meliah Rage sound is and what Tony is looking for. I dug in deep for this record and I’m very proud of the results. My brothers kicked major ass and brought it to a new level.....Meliah Rage 21st century style.” Marc Lopes has been involved with various projects including work with SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner and FATES WARNING guitarist Frank Aresti. Lopes hails from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Meliah Rage was founded in 1987 and 2013 represents the 25th anniversary of the band’s debut release, Kill to Survive. Nichols has indicated that in addition to releasing a record this year, the band plans on several live dates as well. Look for more news and tour dates at
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