NOCTEM - Exilium Full Album Preview Streaming

February 26, 2014, 3 years ago

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Spanish extreme metallers NOCTEM have posted a full album preview for their upcoming release, Exilium, out on March 3rd in Spain/Worldwide, and on April 7th in Europe. The video below contains 30-seconds of each track on the album.

The Exilium album artwork was designed by Edmundo Saiz Photography and Victoria Francés.

Exilium tracklisting:

'Enuma Elish'

'Apsu Dethroned'

'Decrepit Human Kingdom'

'Namtar's Crown'

'The Rising Horns'

'Halo Of Repugnance'


'The Splint Of Destinations'


'The Adamantine Doors'

Album preview:

'Eidolon' lyric video:

In words of producer Daniel Cardoso: "The extreme Spanish boys did it again. After weeks in the studio I can say that the new album Exilium is going to be another break through release on Noctem's career. Expect nothing but quality, high-speed, riffing extravaganza and dark ambiences."

The band recently remarked: "This new album will be darker, faster and will contain more atmosphere, something we specially worked in to combine the aesthetic of the band and the compositions in all its glory."


Beleth - Vocals

Exo - Guitars

Nekros - Guitars

Ul - Bass

Vhert - Drums

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