OMEN - Frontman George Call Steps Down, Concentrate On ASKA

December 17, 2010, 8 years ago

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Long running ASKA singer George Call, who also has moonlighted for OMEN for the last few years, has issued the following statement:

"As of today, December 3rd, I am no longer a member of the legendary, epic metal band, Omen. I want to thank first and foremost, Kenny Powell, for the great run we had together, and I want to especially thank the fans and new friends I made around the world for all of the love and support you showed me. I was then as I am today, an Omen fan to the end. We'll see each other again soon.

Response to the statement from Omen fandom and the metal world has been instant and heartfelt and it has prompted this further statement from me:

I appreciate all of your comments guys. I'm pasting below two statements that were released by Kenny Powell on his Facebook wall. My own thoughts will follow, certainly, in interviews and on here - but I want you guys to know that before I was a member of the band I was a huge fan of JD Kimball era-Omen and I would have stayed with the group to the end had I been given that option.

I also want to give hearty 'HAIL! to all of the guys that were in and subsequently out of Omen during my brief but impacting tenure; Steve Wittig, Scott Clute, Wampa Zayas, Andy Haas and last but certainly not least, my lionhearted ASKA brother, Danny White. (The five of you and I could start our very own METAL ARMY!) I love you guys and its been an honor playing with each and every one of you. The friendships we formed as members of Omen are forged in steel and iron and will remain unbreakable for me in my life. My consolation is that I get to continue sharing stages with Danny around the world. He too was dismissed from Omen at this time or recently - hard to tell exactly when, but I'm sure it happened.

Again, thanks so much for your support. It means the world. And please know that I too wait with anticipation for the new Omen record. It features Danny White's stellar drumming of course and many of you have already heard new Omen singer, Matt Story, on the song 'Voices' that was posted on Myspace a few years ago. I also, much to my surprise, got to hear some of Matt's recorded vocals on one of the new songs I was tracking called 'Chaco Canyon', at Kenny's studio when they popped up in the mix unexpectedly late one night. He's a good singer, he's been a great friend to Kenny for years and years, he's very familiar with the Omen songs and I'm certain he won't let Kenny, or us Omen fans down. I, like everyone else, hope for a new Omen record worthy of JD Kimball's legacy."

Omen guitarist Kenny Powell adds the following:

"Hey, I loved George singing for Omen, I have great respect for him. However, I made a commitment to Omen and myself, three years ago to try and do the final three Omen records equal to the first three. I was 53 at the time, I am now 56 and want to accomplish every thing possible before my skills start to diminish. At this rate I will get my first social security check before I finish a new Omen record. It is simply not acceptable for me to wait any longer, I wish George and Danny the very best of luck. At this point in time I must put Omen above anything else. The new record is finally moving forward, and the great thing for me is that it is going to be even better than I thought possible. Matt Story is doing the vocals, he was the person that I wanted all along, it was not possible because of other commitments. I honestly feel that Hammer Damage will shock the Metal world. Look for some demos of the new songs in the next couple of weeks.

Yes, it is unfortunate, and not a decision I wanted to make. I am not getting any younger and George has a very full schedule. I felt I could not wait any longer to finish the new CD. It will be finished in a couple of months, not... a couple of years. I wish George and ASKA the best of luck. He is a great singer, but time marches on. The new singer Matt Story has a great voice, and has time to do the Omen Cd now. He has been here every time I have asked and busted his ass to three and four in the morning without a single complaint. Keep your eyes and ears open, I will post some demos of the new songs soon. Look for the new CD by early spring, and then we can start touring again, I think Greece should be the first stop!"

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