Original JUDAS PRIEST Singer's ATKINS MAY PROJECT; Album Sampler Available

September 27, 2012, 5 years ago

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Valley Of Shadows is the second album from the ATKINS MAY PROJECT, featuring original JUDAS PRIEST singer Al Atkins and Christian guitarist Paul May (TEMPLE DOGS), which will be released in November.

A Valley Of Shadows album sampler can be heard on YouTube below:

About the Atkins/May Project, Atkins told BraveWords.com recently:

""It's completely different. Because I am not that much involved with the writing side. A lot of credit of this album goes to Paul May. It's been an absolute revelation for me lately because in the last year I've been a bit idle I must admit and the phone has been ringing, 'Can you guest on my album?' And I needed a kick up my ass to get me writing again myself. But it's been absolutely brilliant because of Paul May; I met up with him when I split up with Holy Rage just over a year ago. He said, 'Can you help me do some vocals on the album?' And I said, 'Yeah sure, Paul.' He's been a great friend of mine for over twenty years. I went in singing a couple of tracks and I ended up doing the whole album. It was absolutley fantastic. There's a lot people who really don't make it big time who should have and Paul is one of those guys. He should have made it along time ago. I must give a lot of credit to Paul on the album."

Read more at BraveWords.com.

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