Original JUDAS PRIEST Vocalist Al Atkins Enters Valley Of Shadows On New CD

November 5, 2012, 4 years ago

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Good and evil continue to work together in the form of former JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Al Atkins and Christian guitarist Paul May. Together these extreme opposites have come together once again to create a powerful new CD called Valley Of Shadows, now available on Gonzo Multimedia.

Valley Of Shadows features the following ten tracks:

'Welcome To The Nightmare'

'No Ordinary Man'

'Bitter Waters'

'Enslaved To Love'

'Stronger Is The Grace'

'Harder They Fall'

'Not Ready To Die'

'Messiah (Prelude)'

'Valley Of Shadows'

'The Shallowing (Return)'

Says Al Atkins, “We have kept the same format for Valley Of Shadows since it worked really well for our debut album Serpent's Kiss, so we thought why change a winning formula.” Paul May adds, “I think the new album definitely leans more towards that 'classic rock' feel, with some modern twists thrown in for good measure, retaining its metal edge.”

Now with the release of the new Atkins May Project CD, the dichotomous duo are ready once again to bring their special brand of rock and metal to the masses. Although the CD has no definite concept there are certain underlying themes that run throughout the songs. “The album is mainly about facing trials of life and the 'demons' you encounter on the way,” Paul explains. “It's about standing up and being counted when you understand who you are. The title Valley Of Shadows relates to many things... that dark night of the soul that finds us all...”

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