OSADA VIDA On Particles Album - "It's Going To Be A Surprise Of The Good Sort"; Tracklisting Revealed, METALLICA Cover Included

February 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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Polish prog-rockers OSADA VIDA will release their new album Particles on March 25th in Europe via Metal Mind Productions and April 9th in USA via MVD. The new album includes nine tracks plus a brilliant cover of METALLICA's track, Master Of Puppets'.

The cover art for the album was created by the band's keyboardist Rafal Paluszek, and can be seen below:

Particles tracklisting:

'Hard-Boiled Wonderland'



'Those Days'


'David's Wasp'

'Different Worlds'

'Until You're Gone'

'Mighty World'

Bonus track:

'Master Of Puppets' (Metallica cover)

Rafal Paluszek discusses the new material: "What's the album going to be like? It's going to differ in all respects from everything we've done before, starting with the cover (and all the artwork), which was meant to depart form the hackneyed gloomy aesthetics, adding more light, space, and buoyancy; through the songs themselves, which are much more accessible (but also more powerful and to-the-point); to the vocal parts of our new, fifth Osada member. The album is a result of what's been long ripening in our heads and hearts. It's permeated with our joy of playing music and it shows a different approach to music and composing.

I think this album might be a surprise to our fans but I'm convinced that it's going to be a surprise of the good sort. We gave a new meaning to the word "uncompromising". It's going to be melodious, rhythmical, powerful, and surprising. But it's still going to be Osada Vida. We've taken nothing away from the character of our music. We've just spiced it up quite a bit and we hope you'll find the spices to your liking. So, what it's going to be like? Find out soon!"

Osada Vida lineup:

Marek Majewski - vocal

Lukasz Lisiak - bass

Rafal Paluszek - keyboards

Bartek Bereska - guitars

Adam Podzimski - drums

More on Osada Vida at this location.

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