OZZY OSBOURNE Returning To Britain To Save Marriage To Sharon

May 19, 2013, 7 years ago

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According to the Mirror Online, OZZY OSBOURNE is quitting Los Angeles and ­returning to Britain to save his ­marriage to Sharon.

The BLACK SABBATH singer will be reunited with the X Factor judge at their mansion in Buckinghamshire. The couple are battling to save their 31-year-marriage after Ozzy went back on booze and drugs and they were hit with a £1.1million tax bill.

The couple were spotted ­without their wedding rings and lived apart in LA for three weeks. And now Sharon, 60, is returning to Britain for the ITV talent contest in a £1.8million deal.

Sources close to her said: “Ozzy loves living in LA but he knows that if he doesn’t return to England with Sharon it could be disastrous for their relationship.

“By supporting Sharon in the UK it means they can work through their problems and she can help him with his issues. They will be staying at their house in Buckinghamshire which is in the countryside and very peaceful, like a haven.

“This is something they need to do for each other.

“LA is where all the problems began so they feel it will be good to live in the UK together.”

Read more at the Mirror Online.

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