PAGAN Offer Free Download Of Unreleased Album

February 13, 2014, 3 years ago

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For the ultimate Throwback Thursday, PAGAN are offering an album, Dissonance, recorded in 2012 as a free download. During this previously unheard session the band took their industrial influences to their most extreme ends by venturing into the the feedback soaked world of noise music.

"I had been interested in noise since I first came across LOU REED's Metal Machine Music," explains Pagan founder Michael Bilinski, "but the Dissonance session was more a production exorcise than something intended for release."

That is why the resulting album has remained unreleased until now. "Honestly this type of music is too extreme for even most metal fans, so I really wan't sure how to go about releasing it. Now that we are doing a free monthly remix via the BandCamp page, it made sense to finally share it."

This free download will only be available for a limited time. Head here.

Pagan recently released the first track in their twelve volume Mix Of The Month series. The track is a dramatic overhaul of 2012's 'Burning'. The song was originally released as a stand alone single backed by remixes and a cover of the Scottish folk song 'Mary Mack'. This new version, dubbed Organ Grinder Mix, strips away the industrial crunch and death metal growl replacing them with a fresh Dub Step influenced arrangement.

"Musically this is what this series is all about", explained Pagan founder Michael Bilinski. "The best remixes take an element of an existing song and build an entirely new song around it."

Fans can expect tracks that bear little resemblance to the originals. "We may take an slow instrumental and add double bass drumming and guttural vocals. The exciting part is that these are remixes are being produced each month specifically for this. Even I don't know what we are going to do next."

You can expect new iterations of well known tracks like 'Bitter', which featured GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus, as well as lesser known songs from the bands early EP's.

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