PAMELA MOORE Talks New Solo Album And QUEENSRŸCHE Battle - "The People That Are Really Being Hurt And So Polarized Are The Fans Right Now - And That's What Hurts To Watch"

May 14, 2013, 4 years ago

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Special report by Greg Prato

The name PAMELA MOORE has been familiar to QUEENSRŸCHE fans for decades by this point, as she supplied vocals to the epic centerpiece, 'Suite Sister Mary', on the prog-metal's breakthrough album, Operation: Mindcrime. But in addition to her work with Queensrÿche (including additional live work, as well as an appearance on Operation: Mindcrime II), Moore is a solo recording artist, as evidenced by her latest effort, Resurrect Me.

Featuring guest appearances by the likes of Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE) and Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), the album is quite possibly Moore's heaviest release to date, and showcases her multi-octave vocal range front and center. Recently, Moore gave BraveWords correspondent Greg Prato the lowdown on Resurrect Me, as well as her thoughts on Queensrÿche's current sticky situation.

BraveWords: Let's start by discussing your new album, Resurrect Me.

Pamela Moore: "I was living in Chicago for a couple of years, and while I was over there, I was working with some different musicians. It was around the same time that the Operation: Mindcrime II tour was coming to an end - I think the last date that I did with them was in 2008, I think. And during that time in between, I was working with my own band, and we were doing a couple of shows. And one of the guitar players (Michael Posch), I asked him to put together an opening song, just to let the whole thing flow and we could get started on the set. So he put together this really great thing, and I said, 'Michael, I'd like to do some writing. How would you feel about doing some writing with me for my next album?' So he kept sending me some riffs here and there, and then it happens that I ended up moving back home in about 2009 - my mom was sick, and I decided to come back here. It was supposed to be temporary, but I ended up moving back to my home base, which is in Seattle. So we kept working together. I was working with other collaborators as well, but the stuff he was bringing me was just exactly what I was hoping to put together for this next album. It's kind of getting back to where people know me as a singer, and some things that help me stretch out as a performer - especially with my ranger and everything. It just turned out to be a really great situation - even though we were writing 'long distance,' which in this day and age of the Internet, you're able to do that. It worked out pretty well."

BraveWords: How does it compare to your previous solo albums?

Pamela Moore: "I would say this one is - as far as music and excitement - this is very strong. The last solo album I had was a little bit more on the 'atmospheric' side - it was a beautifully put together album, Neil Kernon produced it. I think sonically, it's a great album. This one is just a little more gritty, much more emotional - as far as power. And it really does help me stretch out as a singer and not only sing about something, but also show off my range and being able to put that in a place of emotion, as well. I'm really excited about it."

BraveWords: Favorite tracks?

Pamela Moore: "There are ten tracks on the album, and I would say…it's going to be surprising for people when they actually hear the record. "Resurrect Me" is a prize for me, because we really took the time to put a lot of orchestration in it, a lot of vocal work. I even had my brother and sister come in and do some background work with me, as well. And it's a bit of a pivotal song also too, because where I'm at, and the fact that I did decide to go in this direction."

BraveWords: Touring plans?

Pamela Moore: "I'm putting the band together - we're actually starting tonight. We don't have a tour set, because I want to see how things work out here, and we're waiting for the album to release on May 14th. I've got a few shows here in Seattle, and then we're going to be working on a tour - hopefully in the summer, and get some things going."

BraveWords: So you're currently based in Seattle, right?

Pamela Moore: "Yes. This is my hometown and this is where I live."

BraveWords: That's cool. One of the first books I did was called Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music, which came out a few years ago.

Pamela Moore: "Did you come out here?"

BraveWords: Yes, and did a book reading at Easy Street Records.

Pamela Moore: "Good for you! Was it nice or was it raining?"

BraveWords: What's funny is every time I come out to Seattle, it's nice and not raining. From what I understand, Seattle is known for rain, but every time I've been there it hasn't rained.

Pamela Moore: "Probably for us, that live here in the Pacific Northwest, we really appreciate the sunshine a lot more, because we don’t see it as much. But it's really actually a beautiful place to be - even when it's drizzly. But sometimes it gets to be a little bit too much, and that's when you want to take a vacation!"

BraveWords: What is your take on what is currently going on with Queensrÿche?

Pamela Moore: "Oh dear…it's a sad situation. It's their battle. Unfortunately, because of what's happened, it's like a divorce. The people that are really being hurt and so polarized are the fans right now - and that's what hurts to watch. There's a major division between who is Queensrÿche and whatever it is. But again, it's really tough for me and it's sad, because they're all my family and I had such a great run with them for the past 30 years. Obviously, when we have to go through changes in life. Sometimes those changes are hard to make, and usually, at the end of the day, you find out that maybe it's the best course of action for everybody. I mean, how many times have we been in relationships and we never thought anything would change, and it did. And it was hell to go through, but in the long run, it's something that has to happen."

BraveWords: And what do you remember about the recording of 'Suite Sister Mary' on Operation: Mindcrime?

Pamela Moore: "I just remember first getting flown up there - they were in Montreal - and I had no idea what the song was going to sound like. They met me at the airport, took me to dinner, and proceeded to tell me about this concept album. Of course, it went way over my head. I was like, "Concept album? What is that?" So they told me this story about Sister Mary and everything and they gave me a cassette tape to listen to that night. The next morning, I was in front of the microphone, and the rest is history."

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