PAPA ROACH Plan To Record New Album In February

October 19, 2013, 5 years ago

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By Aaron Small

In advance of PAPA ROACH’s show tonight (October 19th) at Casino Rama, just north of Toronto, ON, vocalist Jacoby Shaddix called Our chat began with the topic of his band’s as yet untitled eighth studio album, set for release in 2014.

Word has leaked that Canadian producer Kevin Churko, who’s currently working on the new HELLYEAH album, and has also helmed albums for OZZY OSBOURNE and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, has been tapped to produce the new Papa Roach album. “Yeah, we’re stoked about that. It’s not 100% inked in the deal; there’s no contract. But we’ve hung with him a few times, talked with him a few times… We’ll see, time will tell; but so far that’s what it looks like.” When asked if there’s a particular album Churko’s produced that he’s a fan of, Jacoby instantly replies, “Blood by IN THIS MOMENT (released in 2012), that’s the record for me.”

Kevin usually works out of Las Vegas, which means Papa Roach would be heading to Nevada. “Yeah, I believe so. We’ll probably do some work in Sacramento, and then some work in Las Vegas as well.” With all the casinos and 24/7 action, Vegas can certainly be a distraction while trying to record a new album. “It definitely can be, but I’m not a gambler, you know what I’m saying. So I don’t really give a shit about gambling. I actually have a lot of really good, close friends that live in Las Vegas. Aside from the whole Sin City vibe, there’s also a real town there as well; it’s not just The Strip. There’s some good tattoo spots, I’ve got a homie that has a house out in the cuts there with motorcycles and jumps and all that crazy-ass stuff. I’ll just go hang out with some of those reckless, wild dudes.”

With recording slated to begin “probably in February,” Jacoby assesses the current song-writing situation. “We’ve got riffs and stuff floating around, ideas and lyrics, nothing completed. But pieces and parts to kick-start the process. There’s stuff I have that I’ve written into the Notes on my iPhone; which has been really handy. But nothing’s complete; the music will tell me what the song’s about. It usually relates to something going on in my life, and I just dig into it.”

Papa Roach has gone through varied musical directions over the course of their career, but which avenue this new album will take is presently unclear. “This new record, I’m honestly not sure. I’d like to say we’re going in a heavier direction; that’s been the talk amongst the band. But until we actually write that record… we’re infamous for getting in the studio with one intention, and then the music takes us somewhere else. P Roach – we’re not like AC/DC where you know exactly what you’re going to get every time they go in the studio. We are a little more spontaneous when it comes to our songwriting.”

It’s been a year since the last Papa Roach album, The Connection, came out in October 2012. Now that the band’s had a chance to really digest it, and play some of those songs live numerous times, they’re adamant they wouldn’t change a thing. “No, I’m 110% happy with that record man. I’m just so over the moon about that album; how it came out, the songs and instrumentation, the riffing on the guitar. It’s a great record!”

It’s safe to say that ‘Last Resort’ from 2000’s Infest is Papa Roach’s biggest song. “Either ‘Last Resort’ or ‘Scars’,” counters Jacoby. “‘Scars’ came around when iTunes was starting to kick off; we sold a lot of singles of that song, as well as records, so both of those songs, neck and neck.” Is there ever a desire, either spoken or kept quiet, to try and top that? “It would be awesome, but it’s really up to the fans whether we ever top that song. I think there are songs that are better songs. But I don’t necessarily think that commercial success dictates whether a song is better than the other one or not. It’s really up to whoever’s listening to it to decide. If you’re talking from a capitalist perspective, that’s going to be a hard one to beat; ‘cause nobody buys records anymore.”

Without giving it all away, Jacoby discusses PR’s current setlist, compared to what they’ll be playing on their run through Europe and The UK in November and December. “We’re going to switch it up a little bit between here and Europe. It’s the cult classics and the fan favourites, best-sellers, not so best-sellers; it’s chock full of songs off all our records throughout our career. Somehow it all fits together live; it fits like a glove man. It’s a good vibe.”

From January 26th to January 30th, Papa Roach will be aboard the Shiprocked Cruise – along with 20 other rock bands – sailing from Miami, FL to Stirrup Cay, Bahamas and back. “Oh dude, that’s going to be off the chain! So long as I don’t get seasick; but it should be fun, I’m excited about it. They gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse; it was like, alright, I’ll get on that boat and rock these motherfuckers out.” This will be the first time Papa Roach has ever played a cruise ship. “Yes, they’ve been trying to get us to do it for five or six years, and we just… I don’t know man… I get seasick so that’s the only thing I’m kind of worried about. But there’s different things I can do now. I can do a shot, or wear these little wristband acu-pressure things.”

The close proximity between bands and fans on Shiprocked is unavoidable as they’re all on the same boat going across the water. The potential to get mobbed by autograph and photograph hounds is very real. “I’ll probably hang out with the fans some, but then get mobbed and say, I’m going back to my fucking room. I’m bringing my wife, so we’ll have plenty of ways to entertain ourselves in our room.” When the boat docks, Jacoby will definitely check out The Bahamas. “Of course man! I got to get out and go trip around, see the place.”

Another band playing Shiprocked is THE HALO METHOD, featuring former Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner. “Oh yeah, Dave’s going to be out there. We just had him come and play a song with us in Sacramento, he did ‘Last Resort’; it was cool man! We’re good friends again.” Nice to hear there’s no bad blood. “There was for a minute, but it’s all good now.” Buckner has a Toronto boy as his singer in The Halo Method, none other than Lukas Rossi from ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA. “Yeah dude, that kid can fucking tear it up! He’s a great vocalist.”

While it’s not an issue for the Shiprocked Cruise, ticket scalping is problematic for pretty much all the other shows Papa Roach plays. “There’s a lot of vultures around the music business… it’s the nature of what it is.” But Jacoby and his bandmates are offering some very exclusive fan experiences; that come at a hefty price tag. The VIP upgrade is $275 – and that doesn’t include a concert ticket, which must be purchased separately. However VIP status does include a tour of the bus, backstage and dressing room, as well as a meet and greet, photo, and laminate, among other things. “Yeah, the one where they get to meet us on the bus is expensive. But you’re coming up in my house… you get to sniff my underwear.” When Jacoby was a teenager, if he had the money, he would gladly have paid for that type of privilege with “RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, 100%. If I could have met The Chili Peppers when I was a kid, I think I would have died. Man, Chili Peppers with (guitarist) John Frusciante, that’s where it’s at.”

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