PATHOGEN To Release Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations In March; To Include SACRIFICE Cover

January 21, 2013, 2 years ago

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Germany's Dunkelheit Produktionen has set March 1st as the release date for Philippines-based death metallers PATHOGEN's new album, entitled Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations. Armed with an album that sounds pretty much just as the title reads, the veteran act continues its plague-spreading reign of terror with complete disregard for the listener's well-being. Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations is old school, uncompromising, and just plain unhealthy death metal. Listen if you dare.
Tracklisting: 'Atrocity Exhibit' 'Monolith' 'Heretical Wisdom' 'Abyss Of Perpetual Upheaval' 'Ideological Strife' 'Leviathan' 'Afterlife' (SACRIFICE Cover) 'Uranium Messiah'
Pathogen lineup: Nino Jerome Aranza - Bass Vic Jarlego - Drums Jervish Alcos - Guitars Willie Desamero - Vocals/Guitars More on Pathogen at this location.

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