PATHOLOGY Sign With Sevared Records

January 17, 2013, 4 years ago

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San Diego, California-based death metallers PATHOLOGY have signed a deal with extreme label Sevared Records. The band has finished their 3-album commitment to Victory and has decided to go back to their underground roots.

Pathology wastes no time and is already working on a brand new album. This will be their seventh studio release, expected in summer 2013.

Late last year, Pathology announced the return of singer Matti Way and long-time original guitarist Tim Tiszczenko.

Said the band: "Both members Jon and Oscar are no longer with the band. Pathology would like to thank them for there time and efforts. This is now the prime Pathology lineup from the Age Of Onset, Legacy era. We are very excited for this change, we will now have the best of both worlds with a mix of the old and new."

Pathology lineup:

Dave Astor - Drums

Kevin Schwartz - Lead Guitar

Matti Way - Vocals

Tim Tiszczenko - Guitar

More on Pathology at this location.

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