PAUL RODGERS Talks New Solo Album, Possibility Of New BAD COMPANY Material - "Anything's Possible; I Do Keep An Open Mind, I Must Say, But There Are No Plans Right Now"

May 13, 2013, 4 years ago

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Gearing up for BAD COMPANY's 40th anniversary tour this summer, PAUL RODGERS is also looking ahead with not one but two new albums in progress.

One, Rodgers tells Billboard, is a collection of soul covers - "emphasis on Stax," he says - that he and producer-engineer Perry Margouleff recorded at Willie Mitchell's famed Royal Studios in Memphis. "Perry went down there and told me this studio, where a lot of Stax material was recorded, still exists as it was in the old days," Rodgers recalls. "Well, Stax is very dear to my heart, and he said, 'There's great sessions musicians. Let's go down and do some tracks.' So we did and it was awesome. It was such a beautiful vibe. I walked from the studio to the control room and they have all these tapes stored up there, and I looked at one of the boxes and it had ANN PEEBLES, 'I Can't Stand the Rain' ' written on it in Sharpie. I was like, 'Wow, is that the original Ann Peebles?' They said, 'Yeah, she recorded that here.' So I said, 'Let's do that track!' It was fun to be that loose and yet that tight. It was great."

Rodgers says he also recorded songs by OTIS REDDING, SAM & DAVE, "all my heroes." He hopes to mix the album during May and have it out possibly by this fall. Meanwhile, he and Margouleff are also working on a new solo album, Rodgers' first of original material since Electric in 2000. They've been recording at Margouleff's analog studio in New York, and Rodgers, who's hoping for a 2014 release, says "it's sounding very different, actually. Some of it is LED ZEPPELINesque, in a way, 'cause Perry is a big Jimmy Page fan. So there's a tendency to sound a little Jim-ish, which is not a bad thing."

Regarding a new BAD COMPANY album, Rodgers says bandmates Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke "probably do mention it from time to time. Anything's possible. I do keep an open mind, I must say. But there are no plans right now, no."

Read more at Billboard.

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