PAUL RODGERS - "Within The BAD COMPANY Logo, That Texture You See Is Actually Human Skin"

May 17, 2012, 5 years ago

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Marshall Ward at Rock Cellar Magazine recently caught up with legendary vocalist PAUL RODGERS. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

Acclaimed as one of the greatest rock singers of all time, Paul Rodgers led three of rock’s legendary bands — FREE, BAD COMPANY and THE FIRM — with total album sales of more than 90 million. He has been hailed as a major influence by the likes of FREDDIE MERCURY, ROBERT PLANT, DaAVID CONVERDALE, GUNS N' ROSES, THE BLACK CROWES and new retro-rockers THE SHEEPDOGS.

Enduring songs like 'All Right Now', 'Can’t Get Enough' and 'Feel Like Making' Love have secured his place in the pantheon of great rock vocalists. This June, Rodgers will reunite with the original line-up of Bad Company on their first tour of Europe (outside of the U.K.) since 1975.

Before rehearsals for Bad Company’s summer festival excursion began, Rodgers sat down with Rock Cellar Magazine to chat at length about his four-decade career in music — and the good company he keeps.

RCM: Do you remember the first vinyl record that you ever bought?

Rodgers: "Yes, it was an instrumental record, strangely enough, by BOOKER T. AND THE MG’s called 'Red Beans And Rice'. They were OTIS REDDING’s backing band and I’m a big fan of Otis Redding, especially the album Otis Blue (Otis Redding Sings Soul), with the song 'Change Gonna Come'. I loved Otis Redding and still do. Albums, for me, are like milestones in one’s life, like PINK FLOYD The Wall. You measure your life by those releases, like life before AXIS: Bold as Love, or life after Axis: Bold as Love. That’s how I remember certain things. Like the first time I heard 'Hey Joe', it blew my mind and still does today. Whenever I hear that song it takes me back to that day when I first heard it."

RCM: Is there a particular record from your career that is most popular among fans when they bring you an album jacket to sign?

Rodgers: "I think it’s probably the Bad Company (Bad Co.) album. A silver marker works well signing that one (laughs). I like that album cover. The designer, Storm Thorgerson, was telling me that within the Bad Company logo, that texture you see is actually human skin. When he told me, I kind of recoiled in horror and he said, 'No, no, what it is, is it’s my own hand and I photographed it and enlarged it.' So I think on some level, the human mind sort of registers that in some strange way, when looking at the album cover. Thinking back on that album now, it was a really interesting one to make."

RCM: How so?

Rodgers: "There was this mobile studio parked outside a big old mansion down in the south of England – Ronnie Lane’s mobile home — and it was ready for LED ZEPPELIN's next album and Peter Grant had just taken over managing us. He said to me that Zeppelin had been delayed, but if we were quick, we could go into that same situation, set up our gear and record a couple of tracks. We went straight in and recorded the whole album because it was all ready to go, and that’s how it went down. As a result, the album was very organic in nature. We had drums in one room, then vocals up on the veranda somewhere, and the guitar in another room. Which was great, because I always like to record as organically as I can."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

As previously reported, Rodgers recently announced that he will be playing his only UK concert this year on Thursday May 31st in Chichester at The Venue. Joining Rodgers on the bill will be DEBORAH BONHAM and her band who will be performing songs from their new album. Two children's groups from the Chichester Music Academy who work closely with the charity, will open up the evening. All of the proceeds from the will go to The Racehorse Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre, a self funded Charity. The Racehorse Sanctuary and Re-homing Centre involves itself with kids in many ways, including introducing autistic children to the horses at the Centre and providing performing opportunities to young musicians at the Racehorse Sanctuary Charity Concerts throughout the year.

Tickets are limited and available only by emailing for booking information.

Doors and bar open 6-11.30pm, show time 7-10.30pm. Ticket prices are £30 standing and £50 seated.

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