PAUL STANLEY - Interview With Bassist Sasha Krivtsov Available

October 3, 2007, 10 years ago

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Vladimir Ilyin from KISS revenge Russia spoke to PAUL STANLEY bassist Sasha Krivtsov. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

KISS Revenge Russia: Tell us what you've been doing before working with Paul on Live To Win tour?

Krivtsov: "I was born in Leningrad. I started my musical education at age five playing classical guitar. One day my Mom read an ad in the paper looking for kids to audition for the kids band "Raduga," but by the time we got to the place across the town they had already chosen the guitar player, so they asked me if I wanted to play bass and the rest is history. After that I got a call from the band SOUZ with Igor Romanov from ZEMLYANE. That was my first touring gig - I think I was 16 or so... Then my Mom got a call from Vladimir Kisilev of Zemlyane and he asked my Mom if she would be OK with it if I joined Zemlyane. So thats how my professional career started. We did a lot of touring, 9 months out of the year, four-five shows a day! Six days a week! When I tell that to my friends in America, nobody really believes me that was possible."

In 1991 Desmond Child, the famous songwriter/producer, was putting together a joint venture project, and I got offered to leave Zemlyane and go to the United States, so I did just that. I stayed and worked in NY for one year, then Desmond project fell apart. At that time Valera Gaina of "Cruise" was about to record a record in Nashville, and he asked if I would be interested in joining him. We had a great time doing the record together, he is an amazing musician! After I was done with that I had the choice to go back home and rejoin Zemlyane or [stay in the States] so I went to Los Angeles instead with $200 in my pocket. I slept couple of days on the beach, then my friend Boris Zosimov was visiting LA from Moscow and he helped me out and I stayed with his friends until I got a job and was able to get my own place. After a few months in LA, I started checking out the music scene. I then got into a band with Phil Lewis of L.A. GUNS. We did the summer tour, it was totally different experience from touring in Russia. Then one night, I think it was around 1:00 am, my phone rang, and the guy's voice said 'are you Sasha? This is Duff MacKagan from GUNS N' ROSES.' I thought it was someone joking, so I hung up on him!!! He called again and we talked, and he asked me to play with him on his solo record. I did that for about three-four months. After that I toured with a band called "New Radicals." I also recorded and toured with Billy Idol for about two years, Then I got the call to do the TV show Rock Star and I did that for two years. That's how Paul Stanley discovered us (The House Band), he loved the show, and called us to be his band on his tour. And of course we said YES!!!!"

KISS Revenge Russia: How long have you know Paul and how did you two meet?

Krivtsov: "After we got the call from Paul, he invited all of us for dinner in this very upscale restaurant. He was unbelievable down to earth, we had a great time. Dinner lasted about four hours!"

KISS Revenge Russia: What was Pauls' reason for taking you on Live To Win tour?

Krivtsov: "As Paul said, I'm his favorite bass player with the short tongue."

KISS Revenge Russia: What was your first impression of Paul? Did you have any thoughts on what he would be like before you met him that were totally different from how he actually is?

Krivtsov: "You know, when you meeting star of Paul's caliber you never know what your going to get, but Paul was very easy going and made us feel very comfortable."

KISS Revenge Russia: What do you think about Paul's first CD and how does Live To Win compare to it? Are they similar in any way, very different etc?

Krivtsov: "I think both of the records are great. I think Live To Win goes with the time it was done in 2000 era. Great production, great songs."

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