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February 13, 2014, 3 years ago

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Inner Wound Recordings released The Fiction Maze, the fourth album from Swedish power metal band PERSUADER, in January in Europe and North America. Avalon/Marquee released the album in Japan on December 25th. The album's title track is now streaming below.

Mixing and mastering was handled by Ronnie Björnström (AEON, APOSTASY, BONE GNAWER) and the production fits the album really well, giving lots of space to the more aggressive side of the Persuader sound, but without losing the melodic parts in the process.

The Fiction Maze tracklisting:

'One Lifetime'


'The Fiction Maze'

'Deep In The Dark'


'Son Of Sodom'

'Sent To The Grave'


'Dagon Rising'

'Worlds Collide'

'Falling Faster'

'The Fiction Maze':

'Son Of Sodom':

Album teaser:

Persuader was formed in Umeå, Sweden 1997, and have since then released three albums: The Hunter (2000), Evolution Purgatory (2004) and When Eden Burns (2006), all highly acclaimed in the metal scene.

Persuader is:

Jens Carlsson - vocals

Fredrik Hedström - bass

Emil Norberg - guitars

Daniel Sundbom - guitars

Efraim Juntunen - drums

Persuader about the new album: "So finally, we're back! A journey that began some five years ago has finally come to the end of the line and we're extremely proud to uncover the new Persuader album entitled "The Fiction Maze". A lot of hard work was put into creating the perfect mix of everything we've done so far, expanded on the Persuader sound while keeping the core that is the band; heavy riffing, strong melodies, pounding rythms and soaring vocals. Combined with a crushing production courtesy of mixer extraordinaire Ronnie Björnström (AEON, APOSTASY, BONE GNAWER) this turned out to be quite a beast of an album, the true pinnacle of our career so far. The time has come, now join us through the fiction maze!"

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