PHILIP ANSELMO’s Housecore Horror Film Festival Announces US Premiere Of The Profane Exhibit

May 16, 2013, 4 years ago

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It’s less than six months before horror and metal collide in Central Texas at the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival – the ultimate 3-day, underground fan event celebrating the twisted line where horror films and heavy metal meet. Today, festival creators – legendary metal frontman Philip Anselmo (DOWN, ex-PANTERA) and best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell – announce that producers David Bond and Manda Manuel have personally selected to premiere their eagerly anticipated international horror anthology, The Profane Exhibit, in the United States at the Housecore Horror Film Festival.

Set in a club deep within the underbelly of Paris, The Profane Exhibit explores the inner workings of a secret, wicked society. At first it resembles an ordinary fetish or Goth nightclub, but hidden within the cavernous building are many rooms, one of which is known as “The Room of Souls,” a private gathering place of the world’s richest and most evil people. Their host is the elegant, yet frightening, Madame Sabatier. As the film unfolds, each member takes a turn and spins a true tale of their depravity for the amusement of the group.

Horror icons from around the world have been assembled to create this truly unique film experience. From the minds that created Cannibal Holocaust, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul, Philosophy Of A Knife, Tokyo Gore Police, Hardware, Wax Mask, Cemetery Man, Theater Bizarre, The ABCs Of Death, August Underground's Mordem, Cannibal, Time Crimes, and Dread, come a collection of stories that serve as a mirror for looking deep inside our current world and inside ourselves.

HHFF co-founder and Lead Programmer Corey Mitchell says, “having the U.S. premiere of The Profane Exhibit at the Housecore Horror Film Festival makes perfect sense. TPE is the most extreme horror film to come down the pike in years and HHFF is the epitome of the extreme horror film festival. We are about expanding the boundaries of what a horror film festival can be and TPE does the same thing for horror anthologies.”

Mitchell also stated that The Profane Exhibit will receive the Blood Red Carpet treatment and that directors Coffin Joe and Ryan Nicholson, producers David Bond and Manda Manuel, and composer Maurizio Guarini of Goblin will all be in attendance. Former Austin Chronicle movie reviewer and horror fanatic Marc Savlov will also conduct a Q&A; after the screening.

“We are amazed at how much talent we are able to bring in to support this amazing film, in this, our first year of existence,” declared Mitchell. “It is our commitment to the real fans of horror to expose them to new voices in the genre as well as the classic creators.”

The Profane Exhibit’s producers David Bond and Manda Manuel explained why they decided to hold the US premiere of his film at the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival. “We chose this event because we have always been a fan of Philip's. We felt since this is his first time doing this festival, that it’s perfect for a film of this caliber to start his history of amazing films shown there first.”

The US premiere of The Profane Exhibit joins an already heavy list of festival performances, screenings and special events that have been announced to date, including the North American premiere of Italian maestros of horror Goblin live-scoring Dario Argento’s horror masterpiece, Suspiria; concerts from Down, CROWBAR, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS, EYEHATEGOD, and WARBEAST; special guest appearances by noted and notorious filmmakers Coffin Joe, Jörg Buttgereit, and Jim VanBebber; and Void ov Voices – another one time only, metal-meets-horror event with extreme metal vocalist Attila Csihar (best known from iconic black metal band MAYHEM) using sonic manipulations to create a live soundtrack for The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari.

Many more bands, special guests, films, and special events to be announced over the next few months.

More details at this location.

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