PHOENIX DOWN Introduce New Line-Up

March 31, 2013, 4 years ago

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Las Vegas-based act PHOENIX DOWN, who have been in the studio with Steve Thompson (GUNS N' ROSES' Appetite For Destruction and METALLICA's ...And Justice For All) have issued the following update:

"What's the saying about 'in like a lion out like a lamb?' Well we're going to paraphrase and take a little liberties. March came in with all sorts of changes that needed to be made and a time crunch to get them done, and now March is leaving kind of like a lamb because as of March 29 the official line-up of Phoenix Down are in place, so let's get to the announcements already why don't we..

There will be an official press release in the next few days, but for the moment I would like to welcome to the Phoenix Down Family and officially announce Ilan Dvir-Djerassi as the new vocalist of Phoenix Down. This guy plays a little bit of everything, so you might see him on stage playing guitar, cello, keys, or just singing his ass off. As were re-imagining the band we actually added Bryan Rosenbaum who will be doing lots of vocals as well, plus he's another guy that's going to add so much to the Phoenix Down sound. He's going to play some keys, as I said add vocals, play lots of percussion, and even the didgeridoo!! So we'll be able to live up to what we always strive for that what you heard on the CD was what you hear live. At this point I have absolutely in my mind that we'll be able to handle any sounds we've recorded or want to record.

So welcome to the family guys. Can't wait to see where things are heading..speaking of which...We will be hitting the road very very soon and for people like Martin Ormrod we will be in your neck of the UK by mid June and can't wait to look down and see you sitting center stage!!"

For more details visit Phoenix Down on Facebook.

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