PIG DESTROYER Re-Signs To Relapse Records

November 9, 2012, 4 years ago

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Fresh on the heels of the release of their fifth album, Book Burner, PIG DESTROYER have re-signed with their long time record label home, Relapse Records.

The band commented on the re-signing with Relapse:

"Super excited to be a part of the extraordinary Relapse Records again! A song comes to mind in the melody of the "Team America" jingle. "Relapse, FUCK YEAH! Once again, signing a muthafuckin contract!" - Adam Jarvis

"Relapse has been a great home for both ANb and PIG DESTROYER since the very early days. We're not an easy band to deal with but Relapse has been patient, enthusiastic, and accommodating to our headache-inducing schedules, our strict adherence to not touring or behaving like a normal band, and just generally being pains-in-the-asses. We wouldn't trade that for anything." - Scott Hull

"I don't always sign contracts with record labels, but when I do, I choose Relapse." - jR Hayes

Relapse Records has released a free 21-song digital sampler featuring highlights from all of the label’s 2012 releases plus a preview of what's in store for next year.

The sampler contains tracks from genre leaders Pig Destroyer, BARONESS, DYING FETUS, ROYAL THUNDER, DEATH plus brand new signings IRONHORSE and BLOCKHEADS. The sampler can be downloaded via Bandcamp here.



IRONHORSE - 'Failure'

WEAPON - 'Vanguard Of The Morning Star'

BARONESS - 'March To The Sea'



HOODED MENACE - 'Effigies Of Evil'

SERPENTINE PATH - 'Crotalus Horridus Horridus'

INVERLOCH - 'The Menin Road'

DYING FETUS - 'From Womb To Waste'

MURDER CONSTRUCT - 'Compelled By Mediocrity'

SPAWN OF POSSESSION - 'Where Angels Go Demons Follow'

PRIMATE - 'Global Division'

HORSEBACK - 'Ahriman'

LOCRIAN - 'Chalk Point'

-16- - 'Ants in my Bloodstream'

LIBERTEER - 'Build No System'

GENERAL SURGERY - 'Like An Ever Flying Limb'

CRIPPLE BASTARDS - 'Senza Impronte'


DEATH - 'Living Monstrosity'

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