PINK FLOYD Albums Drop From iTunes

August 17, 2010, 7 years ago

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Fans seeking to purchase some of PINK FLOYD’s classics albums on iTunes have hit a wall. All of the legendary band’s post-Dark Side Of The Moon albums have disappeared from online MP3 retailers, due to the group’s contract with EMI that covered those works, which ended on June 30th, according to the Associated Press.

That means you can’t buy The Wall, Animals or Wish You Were Here on iTunes, Amazon’s MP3 shop or many other locations. The physical copies of those albums are still available on CD, but only because EMI has a stock of those recordings that it can still sell. However, if Pink Floyd doesn’t sign with another distributor (or re-sign with EMI), their latter-day albums could become rare. The earlier works, from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn through Dark Side are part of a different contract and remain available on CD or as digital downloads.

Pink Floyd’s management has been trying to find the best home for the band’s full catalogue for the past year or more, but has yet to come to an agreement with any major label. Although many groups have had trouble selling albums in recent years, Pink Floyd remains one of the best-selling acts of the Nielsen SoundScan era. Since 1991, the group has sold more than 36 million albums in the United States. Relying solely on older products, Pink Floyd sold 654,000 copies last year and 311,000 so far in 2010. In recent years, digital downloads have accounted for about 40 percent of the band’s sales.


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