POWER QUEST Bassist Paul Finnie On The Band’s Last Show – “Today I Almost Wept In The Middle Of A Song”

August 17, 2013, 4 years ago

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British power/melodic metallers POWER QUEST have a great musical history to look back on, spanning twelve years and five albums. Sadly, the band started by keyboardist Steve Williams has now come to end and they played their final show, an epic 75 minute set at this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

To find out more about this decision and how the final show went, Metal Shock Finland‘s Blackdiamond had a chat with bass player Paul Finnie and drummer Rich Smith on a sunny Bloodstock Saturday evening.

About the decision to end the band, Paul stated:

“It’s an economical decision; it’s hard these days for bands to make it. But people will be doing stuff, keep watching everyone that’s in the band.

Today I almost wept in the middle of a song; I realized every person in the tent was singing our song to us. That is the moment I’ve always wanted, it was amazing.”

To listen to the whole interview visit this location.

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