PRETTY MAIDS - 'Mother of All Lies' Video Released

January 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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Frontiers Records recently announced the release of Danish melodic hard rockers PRETTY MAIDS new album, entitled Motherland, on March 22nd in Europe and March 26th in North America.

After their 2010 album Pandemonium, Pretty Maids celebrated their 30th anniversary with their debut visual release, It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland) in 2012. Pandemonium showed the world that Pretty Maids were in a creative spring again, with the band in their finest moment. The melodic approach brought a return to the Future World / Red Hot And Heavy era of the eighties, but with an updated sound and freshness that consolidated Pretty Maids as strong as ever.

In late spring 2012, the band gathered to finally write the follow up album. Singer Ronnie Atkins says: “We knew it was going to be a tough one to follow ! I remember back in the day when we had to follow up albums like Future World, we tried more or less to copy the songs from the previous album to keep the same kind of balance. But this time we just wrote what came natural to us and that’s what became Motherland."

The band teamed up again with producer Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, AMARANTHE) for the new album. Ronnie says: “Jacob was a natural choice since we had a great experience with him producing the Pandemonium album. The recordings went smooth to begin with, but then we had to start touring again during the weekends and this created some stress. Though I really feel strongly about Motherland. In my view it has all the ingredients of a good Pretty Maids album, maybe even more melodic than Pandemonium and absolutely, as far as I’m concerned a worthy follow up."

Founded in early 1982 by guitarist Ken Hammer and singer Ronnie Atkins, Pretty Maids soon established themselves as a band to be taken seriously in the early eighties, having their breakthrough with the release - in April 1987 - of the album Future World. This record soon gathered a universal recognition as a “classic”, which endures to date, and allowed the band to perform in from of large audiences thanks to their tour with DEEP PURPLE and their appearances in the Monsters of Rock festival. The following album Jump The Gun kept the momentum for the band, particularly in Europe and Japan.

Throughout the nineties Pretty Maids continued to release albums, usually followed by European and Japanese tours with the band still maintaining a very high songwriting and production standards. The release of Wake Up To The Real World in 2006 started the band’s relationship with Frontiers Records.

Motherland will include the following tracks:

'Mother Of All Lies'

'To Fool A Nation; Confession'

'The Iceman'

'Sad To See You Suffer'



'Why So Serious'


'I See Ghosts'

'Bullet For You'

'Who What Where When Why'


The release of the new album is preceded by the release of the single / video 'Mother of All Lies', which hits the streets tomorrow, January 22nd. The official video for the track, shot by the famed director Thomas Tjader, can be seen below:

Pretty Maids will play numerous festivals this summer such as Wacken Open Air and Bang Your Head!!!, followed by an extensive world tour in support of Motherland.

Pretty Maids lineup:

Ronnie Atkins - vocals

Ken Hammer - guitars

Morten Sandager - keyboards

Allan Tschicaja - drums

Rene Shades - bass

More on Pretty Maids at this location.

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