PRIMAL FEAR Bassist Mat Sinner - Forthcoming KISKE/SOMERVILLE Album Features "Two Of The Best Songs I've Ever Written With Magnus Karlsson"

March 29, 2014, a year ago

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PRIMAL FEAR bassist Mat Sinner checked in with the following update earlier this week: "On my way to Innsbruck with the ROCK MEETS CLASSIC family, I could listen again to the KISKE/SOMERVILLE 2 pre-production and I'm really excited about the songs and attitude. This album will be massive! 'City Of Heroes' and 'Ocean Of Tears' are two of the best songs I've ever written with my partner in crime Magnus Karlsson."
Kiske/Somerville - featuring vocalists Michael Kiske (UNISONIC, ex-HELLOWEEN) and Amanda Somerville (TRILLIUM, AVANTASIA) with additional songwriting from Sander Gommans (HDK, ex-AFTER FOREVER) - released their self-titled debut in late 2010 and spawned videos for the songs 'If I Had A Wish' and 'Silence'. Check them out below:

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