PRIMAL FEAR's Mat Sinner - "I Know Nothing About The Re-Releases From Metal Mind"

October 25, 2010, 5 years ago

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In light of the announcement from earlier today (here) regarding Metal Mind's intention of reissuing some of the PRIMAL FEAR catalog, Mat Sinner tells, "I know NOTHING about the re-releases (from) Metal Mind. No one informed the band or management about these re-releases. What I can read now on the net is that they even want to change the sound of the albums and want to re-master the albums. Without the producer and overall the band isn't involved? This sounds very strange to me, but this business is getting weirder..."

In terms of his other activities, the bassist/producer/workaholic offered: "The tour was killer! In November we're playing a week in Spain and in February 2011 we will play five shows in South-America, then we will start recording a new Primal Fear studio album. Ralf's (Scheepers, Primal Fear vocalist) solo album is nearly completed, just one little solo of a guest is missing and Achim (Kohler, producer) and I already started the mix! I'm very happy about the album! November 12th we have a listening session in Stuttgart for the media lined up. VOODOO CIRCLE (the side project of guitarist Alex Beyrodt) is mixed and mastered and delivered to the record company. What a great album! Then I'm starting a new SINNER album in December and the Rock Meets Classic tour in January 2011."

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