Putting The ‘Heathen’ Into Heathen Hammer Promotions

August 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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Special report by Jason Deaville

The life of a live music promoter is not a glamorous one. It’s often a constant struggle with egos, shady venue managers, and oft-disappearing money. With this kind of risk, why would anyone in their right mind pursue promotional ventures? Well, I had the chance to talk to one Karl Krasznai - self-professed lover of all things metal, and the latest brave soul to tackle booking and promotion.

This past May saw the launch of Karl’s brand new metal-focused booking/promotion company out of London, Ontario, Heathen Hammer Promotions. Karl explains the goal with this latest of heathen pursuits:

“I have an enormous amount of respect for metal musicians and all the time spent mastering a craft that likely won't ever really pay off,” explains Karl. ”These guys do it for love of the game. I guess I just wanted to participate in some way to help build a strong local metal community. I've already gotten so much from it; good music, good friends, good times. Our hope is to nurture the growing local Ontario metal scene by putting together great shows in decent venues for a good price. The initial goal is to put on a show a month and see how it goes from there.”

Heathen Hammer Promotions’ first event featured some true Southern Ontario heavyweights, performing to a packed house in London on July 6th. If the reception to this bill was any indication - which featured TRILATERAL, VESPERIA, HEAVEN ABLAZE, and BATTLESOUL - Karl has tapped into a thriving community spirit that is ready-and-willing to support homegrown metal.

“My first show was absolutely amazing,” beams Karl. ”Just to see everyone so pumped up made me feel really good. I saw a number of new metal connections being forged - bands finding new musicians, people seeing old friends, people making new friends. With this in mind, anyone can clearly see I’m not getting into this for the money... after all, it is metal, right?”

Karl, after the success of Heathen Hammer’s first event, quickly got to work putting together a formidable lineup for their sophomore event, set to take place on September 21st at APK in London, Ontario. The bill will feature none other than SIG:AR:TYR, SYLVUS, and VOW OF THORNS.

Join the official Heathen Hammer Promotions Facebook page by heading here.

Located below is part one of Battlesoul’s headlining performance at the first Heathen Hammer event.

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