QUEENSRŸCHE Singer Geoff Tate - "It’s Phenomenal Players Playing With Passion And Excitement And Physicality"

July 6, 2013, 4 years ago

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QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate will be a guest on The Classic Metal Show tonight (Saturday, July 6th). In a recently conducted interview, Tate talks about his version of the band Queensryche, and talked about how much of a powerhouse he feels his current live band is. Here's a quote:

The Classic Metal Show: For this last live trek, you did Operation: Mindcrime for the 25th anniversary of the album. Certainly it is the hallmark of yours and the band Queensryche’s career. You did this tour this time with Robert Sarzo and Kelly Gray on guitar. What was it that they brought to the table that Michael Wilton and Parker (Lundgren) didn’t on the Dedicated tour as an example, or on the past several tours?

Tate: "Did you see the tour?"

The Classic Metal Show: I did not, but from the reviews that we got from fans, I heard it was fantastic. I heard it was very, very good.

Tate; "Yeah. It is good. It’s phenomenal players playing with passion and excitement and physicality. It’s not just a bunch of people just standing there and playing their instruments. It’s people really, really playing and really moving around the stage. It’s a very energetic group of people on this tour of very proficient players that can play anything for as long as it takes. They give it all at every show. There’s no holding back, you know? That’s what Mindcrime deserves. It’s that kind of record where you have to approach it and you have to be willing to lay your soul on the table every night. That’s what this band has. It’s amazing. I walked off that stage every night just a mess; just a sweaty mess. Everybody was the same way. They just give it all. For me, it’s incredibly exciting because it’s really being played live for the first time. There’s no machines controlling stuff. There’s no click track for the tempo. There’s no flown in stuff going on. It’s all live performance. So it has a band feel. It has a human feel for the first time. For me, that’s incredibly exciting, because the experience in the past has always been this sort of mechanized Queensryche. This is really fantastic because it allows for so much improvisation. I can hold up my hand and the band stops on a dime. I say something to the audience and they pick right back up. We extend guitar solos. We have drum solos for the first time. Brian Tichy has been playing with us for this last month and he’s an amazing drummer; just an incredible powerhouse drummer. He does this incredible drum solo in three parts. I’ve always dreamed of a drummer that could actually play a drum solo, so this is incredible for me too. So I’m excited and happy. It’s an incredible experience.

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